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The Little Showman's Series - Jumbo and the Countryman - Pop-up

New York: McLoughlin Bros. A single-fold pop-up book with applied litho depicting a family of giraffes grazing in nature. When opened the two-tier pop-up reveals jumbo rearing with a parrot swinging on a perch. The startled countryman waives his umbrella at the elephant. The printed verse on the base page is titled The Tricky Elephant, that concludes with:
Who, with his old umbrella hits
The beast, as laughter fills the air;
The man has surely lost his wits,
To fight the mighty giant there
The back cover promotes the McLoughlin Object teaching Book. Measures 11 1/4" x 8". OCLC - 0 (May 2020). Edge wear on covers.

Price: $450.00

Item #47000365