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A Series of 10 Original Whimsical Verses with Pen & Ink Illustrations

[1930s]. Ten (10) original hand penned verses, each with charming relevant drawings. All are on a single 12" x 9" art board except for the tale of A Mouse and a Beetle and a sweet baby Sausage who lived together. This particular tale, written in five verses has a sad ending--something to do with ending up in the soup. The other verses are titled Finger Prints, Sunrise and Sunset, Naughty, My Sisters, When I go Hunting, Purple and Rings, There was an old woman, The Walk and A Sad Story.
The sausage tale concludes
"When the Beetle & Mouse returned to the cottage
They called out aloud to the poor little sausage
And called out again for they never knew
The poor little thing was turned into Stew!
So they took off their hats & wiped their feet
And got out the plates & started to eat.
It tasted so good, it tasted so nice,
They finished it all, and helped themselves twice.
When the saucepan was emptied all that was in,
was the poor little shriveled up sausage's skin!"

Another verse, Finger Prints
"When I was very tiresome
And in a naughty mood
They put me in the corner
Until they though me good
And I used to amuse myself
(And didn't mind at all)
By rubbing all my dirty
Sticky fingers on the wall" Light surface soiling on margins.

Price: $1,750.00

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