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The Democratic Record: Disloyalty to the Constitution! Sympathy with Rebellion! Fraud! Theft! Robbery and Plunder by the Million! The Mission of the Party Consummated by Tammany

New York: [1871-1872]. A political flyer condemning the corruption by the Democratic Party, and more specifically the Tammany Hall and its Grand Sachem, William M. Tweed (1823-1878). Tammany Hall, alternately called the Tammany Society, Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany, or the Colombian Order, was a political organization in New York that was first founded in 1786. Tammany Hall had particular influence over the Democratic Party and New York City and New York State Politics. Tammany Hall was also know for its graft and political corruption, but even more so under the rule of William M. Tweed, who supposedly swindled the New York tax payers out of $25 to $45 million dollars, though later more recent estimates have placed that number as high as $200 million. This 8 page flyer, most likely printed on behalf of the Republican party, details out the expenditures of the Democratic Party between 1860-1870. What is interesting is that the flyer never names Tweed specifically, but rather the Democratic Party and Tammany Hall. The flyer however does point out some corruption on the part of the Republican Party, but, it continues on to assert that "a few dishonest men may have crept into position where for a season they exercised their dishonest purposes against the public funds; but this much is safe to say: all the moneys stolen by Republican officials during the ten years and half of the rule of that party , is not sufficient to pay the annual interest of the amounts stolen by the Democratic national administrations or upon the sums plundered from the people of the Country and State of New York during the last few years." The flyer ends with this last argument against the Democratic Party: "This is the Democratic record, made up from its own history. It ever has been, and it ever will be, a thieving, depredating, unprincipled cabal, whose only impulse has been self-aggrandizement, though it cost of national treasure, life and honor to accomplish its nefarious ends. It cannot change its disposition and policy in this respect any more than forty thieves could refrain from robbery when temptation afforded an opportunity. In view of history, no honest Republican, no candid Democrat, can vote for or give countenance to Democratic nominees, no matter how insignificant the trust for which they have been named." 8 folded pages. Paper has rough edges. OCLC 2 (Oct 2019, one is dated 1871 the other 1872, but appears to be the same item) Measures 9 1/4" x 6" (folded), 18 1/2' x 11 3/4" Age toning. Crease marks. Fading. Minor tears to the rough paper edge.

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