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A Grouping of 22 Bookseller Labels/Tags from the 18th and 19th Centuries

[1825-1920]. A collection of twenty-two (22) bookseller labels (also called Bookseller Tags) from the 18th and 19th centuries. One of the more unique and largest labels in the collection is from the Female Benevolent and Library Society. This was a small library founded in 1825 by the female members of the town of Seeknok, MA. This society formed the basis of what has become the town's Public Library that is still in operation today. The next earliest labels are Berard & Mondon and E. A. Rice & Co. and based on store records and addresses, they date from between 1834-1842 and 1836-1840. The majority of the labels are from the New England/New York era, but several are from Europe, London and Paris more specifically. There are two sets of labels from the same store, Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers and The Book Shop, however the labels themselves are different. The Brentano's tags are two different colors, red and orange, while The Book Shop's tags are from two different locations. The labels range in size from 1" x 1/4" up to 2 3/4" x 1 3/4". Below is a list of all the labels in the collection, as well as the location of the bookseller.

Berard & Mondon (New York, NY)
Borghese (unknown)
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers (New York, NY) Red Tag
Brentano's Booksellers & Stationers (New York, NY) Orange Tag
E. A. Rice & Co. (Lowell, MA)
Female Benevolent and Library Society (Seeknok, MA)
Gregory & White Booksellers (Providence, RI)
Hallaway House Bookshop (Wellesley, MA)
Leighton, Son, and Hodge (London)
Paul Elder & Co. (San Francisco, CA)
Signs of Our Time (Not a bookseller, but a misc book tag)
The Book Shop (75 Westminster St., Providence 3, RI)
The Book Shop (5 Grosvenor Bldg, Providence, RI)
The Galignani Library (Paris)
The Little Shop (Warrenton, VA)
The Personal Book Shop (Boston, MA)
The Sporting Gallery and Bookshop, Inc. (New York, NY)
W. A. Butterfield (Boston, MA)
W. B. Clarke Co. (Boston, MA)
W. Bone & Son (London)
W & G Foyle Ltd (London)
Wildy's Sons Ltd (London). Age toning.

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