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Married Chap Book: Children's History of Beasts, No. 3 and Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns

Sanborton, NH: Sanborton Press, 1835-1836. This married chap book is actually the front cover of one book, and the text block and back cover of another. Both were published by Sanborton Press. The front cover of the chap book has a picture of a lion on the front and is for "Children's History of Beasts, No. 3" published in 1836 (OCLC 3, Oct 2019), and the text block is for "Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns" published in 1835 (OCLC 9, Oct 2019). The text block is complete (when comparing it to OCLC catalogue). It features an engraving and description of the following animals: Ny-Ghau, Racoon, Antelope, Zebra, and Kangroo. Next are two sections entitled "Address to Children" and "Advice to children", which starts with a short letter to children and then continues on to list five pieces of advice for them. Such as "When you go to the house of God... consider the solemnity of the service." Next is a short poem called "For a Little Child", followed by three hymns: "The Little Pilgrim", "Heaven and Earth" and "Good Every Where". The back cover is most likely a part of the "Children's History of Beasts, Advice, and Select Hymns" as it features an illustration of a zebra and antelope, both of which are described in this book. 16 pages. Green illustrated wrappers. Measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/4. Tape repair to binding. Binding rethreaded. Stains on covers. Inscribed on front cover. Age toning.

Price: $100.00

Item #29016173