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The Poetical Geography Designed to Accompany Outline Maps or School Atlas. To Which Are Added the Rules of Arithmetic in Rhyme

Cincinnati, OH: 1852. A textbook, only sold by subscription, that seeks to teach the reader arithmetic and world geography by using verse, often rhyming verse, to help the reader memorize the important terms and formulas. For example, in describing the divisions of land, the following poem is used:

"Of land, and its divisions, read the stories;
Peninsulas, Continents, Islands, Promontories,
And Isthmuses and Capes, and Mountains high,
Volcanoes, Shores and Deserts, wet and dry."

The book covers both the technically terms in geography (meridians, tropics, latitude, longitude, etc.), and all continents and countries of the world. Additionally they provided some historical and cultural information on the countries as well, such as information on the construction of the Great Wall in China, and that Holland is one of the most populous districts on the globe. Numerous black and white illustration accompany the text, both in the form of maps and illustrations on the geographical and architectural wonders of each locality described. At the end of the book, there are six pages of the "Rules of Arithmetic, In Verse." Discussed in this section is everything from subtraction to multiplication, and decimal fractions to compound interest. Front cover title: "The Poetical Geography with the Rules of Arithmetic in Verse." Inscribed on front cover and inside cover with "Henry Alcott, Anthony Rd." 80 pages. Yellow illustrated covers. Measures 9" x 6 1/4".

To view this item, please click on the following link: General wear. Inscription on front cover. Damage to back strip.

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