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Promotional Materials - A Visual Narrative Told in 26 Oversized Pictures - The Daroff - Botany 500 Apparel Co.

The Botany 500 company was a distinguished luxe brand associated with Hollywood and TV. Their sharp suits were worn by a host of male celebrities on game shows, sitcoms, detective programs, and dramas, and boasted Dick Van Dyke (Rob Petrie), Don Adams (Maxwell Smart), and Mike Connors (Mannix) among its stars; it was also featured in the credits of other popular programs, like The Odd Couple, Mission: Impossible, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Philadelphia: 1947-48. A visual narrative of this iconic brand name's sartorial influence during the halcyon period. The photographs were shot by an accomplished but unidentified commercial photographer whose skilled use of light renders the day-to-day operation and divisions of the company in stunning detail. Each photograph is captioned identifying the activity, machine or location. Includes laborers stitching, decating, refinishing, drying, and piecing goods, as well as handworkers, pocketmakers, hand undercollar basting, machine pressing, the fitting dept., and more. A single collage image promotes color fatness to sunlight, strength of fabric, fiber examination, thread count, examination of suite for "make", chemical determination and wearability of fabric. Also includes images of the machines that do the refinishing and conditioning of cloth, the decating process, round knife cutting and the cutting department. The remaining photographs are workers on the second, third, fifth and sixth floors actively making garments. Second floor activities included Pocket Makers, Hand Workers, Hand Undercollar Basting, the Fitting Department and Final Examination and Hand Pressing. Third floor included Overcoat Lining Basters, First Facing Basters, Overcoat and Topcoat Shop and First Examination. And so it went... Silver prints, the images measuring 14x20 inches. Oblong folio, the photographs are each set into plastic sleeves. Circa 1947. Two photos with light corner chips. Some edge wear.

Price: $850.00

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