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Punch and Judy Die Cut Embossed Die-cut Story Scrap

1890s. Tells one of the classic Punch and Judy stories in a die cut multi-panel picture book. The story is meant to be read through a series of windows reading left to right. The story starts with several small children surround a toy theater. Each subsequent second is the stage of the toy theater. There are ten scenes shown with small text descriptions of each one. The story starts of with Punch and Judy happily holding their baby while their dog, Toby, looks on. As the story progresses, various other classic characters show up, such as the policeman, the doctor, and Joey the Clown. The last scene show him meeting a ghost, where on his knees Punch claims "I'll never do it again, Mr. Ghost!" In each section the characters are shown in colorful outfits and props and sections of the back ground have been cutout to emphasize the action in the foreground. Embossed die-cut scrap story sheet. Measures 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" At least one small section on the top is missing, which effects the text in that window. There is a small section of missing surface litho on the right side.

Price: $115.00

Item #29007111