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Catalogus eorum qui munera et officia academica gesserunt, quique alicujus gradus laurea donati sunt, in Collegio Amherstiensi, Amherstiæ, Republica Massachusettensi.

The college was founded in 1821 by Rev. Zephaniah Swift Moore, as an attempt to relocate Williams College (located in Williamstown, MA and founded in 1793). Amherst College is the third oldest higher education institution in Massachusetts, and was named after both the town it is located in and Lord Jefferey Amherst, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the British forces during the French and Indian War. It is exclusively an undergraduate college that provides a liberal arts education, with 38 majors, and until recently was also an all male institution until 1975).

Amherst, MA: Amherst College, 1845. A catalogue for Amherst College, in Latin. The title roughly translates to: "Catalog of Academic Faculty and Students who are Graduates of Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts." The catalogue begins with a list of its faculty members, the subject and time spent teaching at the college. It then with alumni, by date of graduation, and then alphabetically. There are symbols by some of the names, either to indicate their withdrawal from the college or their deaths. There is some penciling by the names when it appears that there was a printing mistake, such as a spelling error. Next, there is a list of those individuals who received honorary degrees from the school, also organized by year and then alphabetically. Lastly there is an index of all the students names, in alphabetical order with their graduation year. Printed by J. S. Et C. Adams. 34 pgs. Thread binding. Latin. OCLC 2 (Apr. 2020). Measures 8 1/2" x5 1/2" General wear. Appears to have been previously bound with other periodicals. Crease fold. Some discoloration on cover.

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