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The Happy Family Movie Dolls - Movable Paper Doll Set - Amusing and instructive - Encouraging Happiness

The set was apparently designed to promote happiness and good will and based on the verses, it appears being plump went hand in hand with happiness from the makers point of view.

New York: Henry Heininger Co., 1919. A set of four die-cut wraparound paper dolls with movable arms and eyes. They are the Happy Family - Mr. Al Ways Happy, Mrs. Eve R. Happy, Miss Vera Happy and Little O. So Happy. Each with a rhyming verse beneath their name encouraging happiness. e.g. "A mother of two jolly kiddies

with a husband who's good as can be

I've certainly cause to be happy

And I'm growing quite, stout, as you see" Includes postally used 9 1/2' x 11" original envelope. Mr. Happy is 9" tall. Bends on "skirts" to allow dolls to stand. Tears on back of envelope.

Price: $300.00

Item #29001998