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The Horoscope Prepared for George A. Coffman, Ft. Worth TX

The writer of the horoscope is not identified.

Chicago IL: 1904. 8 manuscript page report. Begins with a birth chart and Aspects nad Positions of the Planets followed by Delineation of Character, etc: you know how and what to aim for, Faults to be corrected: guard against losing your temper), Matrimonial Prospects: partner shall be your equal soically and intellectually, General Life Reading: Old people will be your friends mostly during life. The first three (3) pages are general overview of those born on that date and their characteristics followed by General Observations: To illustrate, George Comb, a very learned Professor tried for seven years to master the multiplication table and be able to remember it over night, but could not. Therefore it was time wasted for him to study mathematics..." This is followed by a page titled Health: based on the information this person was born at the most unfortunate time and will have numerous health problems. This followed by a quarter sheet inserted advertisement printed in red ink titled Four Reasons Why You Should Have the $25.00 Life Reading. The final page is titled Recapitulation which indicates caution is required in this individuals life and concludes with a statement indicating that this person should really have the $25.00 that will provide much more information....Measures 11" x 7 1/2.

Price: $100.00

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