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Manuscript Horoscope erected for Mr. William Hill, Born Monday, Nov. 26th 10:45 pm, 1877, Moosup, CT

Providence RI: Scientific Astrologer, Nov. 26, 1900. 8 manuscript page report. Begins with a birth chart and Aspects nad Positions of the Planets followed by Delineation of Character, etc: you know how and what to aim for, Faults to be corrected: guard against losing your temper), Matrimonial Prospects: partner shall be your equal soically and intellectually, General Life Reading: Old people will be your friends mostly during life. Questions to be answered: four (4) specific questions answered about business and travel, Special Caution: during the next two years you should be very careful..., Prospects for the years 1901 and 1902...: During the first three weeks in May, 1901 and the first three weeks in June of the same year be very cautious... Measures 10" x 8" Well read.

Price: $125.00

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