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Confederate Ball, Annual Pageant of the Natchez Garden Club Program - Step into the Past with Natchez

The foreword begins: In the far-off golden days before the War Between the States, Natchez reigned serenely in a kingdom of cotton, of vast plantations and stately houses where a united family life was the center of all activities. It concludes: The happy hours were while away in the many celebrations of a tranquil country life, which will be depicted for you in the tableaux following the openind of the ball

I guess they left out the part about the slaves.

Natchez, Mississippi: Natchez Garden Club, 1936. Single-fold program for the Confederate Ball, a pageant put on by the Natchez Garden Club in Natchez, Mississippi. Since 1932 the garden club has done a fall and spring pilgrimage, where owners of historic homes in the area open their homes for guided tours. Accompanying this is a pageant, where members of the garden club dress in historic antebellum attire and put on a show, at the end of which a new King and Queen is crowned. The 1936 pageant was named the Confederate Ball and performed five different times during the Spring Pilgrimage. It was broken into ten acts: Step into the Past with Natchez, Penelope's Birthday, Young Romance, The Dancing Master, The Tattlers, The Garden Party, Ready for the Hunt, The Sewing Bee, Before the Wedding, and Entrance of the King, Queen and Court of 1936 Ball, followed by the Royal Ballet. To this day, each spring and fall the Natchez Garden Club puts on a pilgrimage to help raise money for the preservation of various historical sites and homes in the area. The fold of the program has an image of two young ladies greeting each other on the steps in full costume. Measures 6 3/4" x 5 1/2" (folded), 10 3/4" x 6 3/4" (unfolded). Vertical crease. Penciled notes back cover.

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