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Due West Female College: Annual .... and ... Decennial Catalogue

The school was founded in 1859, and its original mission was to educate women to become teachers for the greater Abbeville County area. Eventually the college began to attract students from throughout the Southern United States, and was known for its 'proper' school girls. The school began to see a decline in enrollment and finances when another college in town, Erskine College, became coeducational in 1899. Eventually the two schools would agree to merge in 1925, and make it official in 1927 after the merger allowed Erskine College to receive accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges. Due the merger, Due West Female College officially closed it doors in 1928, though Erskine College is still in existence today.

Due West, Abbeville Country, SC: Associate Reformed Presbyterian Co., 1900. This school catalogue is for Due West Female College, which was a private Presbyterian women's college located in Due West, SC. This catalogue not only served as its annual catalogue for the 1900-1901 school year, but also the school's decennial catalogue. Includes a school's calendar, a list of past college presidents, the names of the Board of Directors and its Officers, and the names of the Board of Visitors. It then continues on to describe the schools location, campus and buildings, water supply, directions to the campus, mail facilities, list of current faculty with a short description for each individual, list of courses and schools within the college along with a short description of both, information on social activities, medical building, religion, uniforms, local museums, boarding information, general regulations, expenses, and a register of past graduates, current students and honor roll students. The school offered four degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Mistress of English Literature (currently considered to be a Masters in English), and a Licentiate of Instruction. The catalogue also contains five (5) black and white images from photographs of the students on campus or in one of their classes (generally theater), as well as one map of the area which includes nearby railroads. . 41 numbered pages. Printed covers. OCLC 0 (July 2020). Measures 9" x 6" General wear. Minor stains on front cover and damage to back strip.

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