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Personal Message to You, The Art of Physic Phenomena

In researching Marjah, found an advertisement for an upcoming performance in The Times Herald, Port Huron, MI, Nov. 1920.

[1920]. A tri-fold brochure about the "art of physic phenomena", or more specifically crystal gazing. The front cover features a 'floating head' of the Marjah with the text, "It is his purpose to first induce you mentally to realize some things and then to realize upon your mental realizations." Stamped across the front cover in dark blue ink is the word "Marjah". The brochure describes what crystal gazing is. Claiming that "telling futures by means of the Magic Crystal is far more difficult than by other methods, so much depends on the Seer, owing to difference of individual temperament." It continues on to give instructions on how to perform a reading, such as the "purer the intent on and motive of the seer, the more lucid will be the visions accorded." As well as stating that no more than two more people, other than the seer, should be at any gazing, and that they should sit an arm's length away from one another. A vision within the crystal takes patience to see and that depending on were it appears within the crystal (foreground, mid distance, or background) it relates to whether or not it vision is about the past, present or future. After these instructions, there a list of symbols one might see, and their meaning. For example, an ear means news and information, but if it is ugly or distorted it could mean a scandal or abuse. Black bread means famine, but if the bread has yellow spots on it as well, it means plague. Lastly, on the back, the "Creed of the Crystal Science League" is printed: "We believe: That if we think, talk, and express Health, Happiness and Success we shall attract them to ourselves. If we develop our minds properly there is nothing we cannot accomplish.... If we give forth light for others, we shall illumine our own path. To this end we united our minds in united thought forces." There is some references throughout the brochure of consulting with the Marjah, but the only information given on how is "All letters containing questions to Marjah must be mailed to your local Theatre. They will be forwarded to Marjah by your local Theatre." Measures 7" x 4" (folded). General wear.

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