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Elaborate Traveling Salesman Sample - Price List with Watertown NY clients, Calendar Pad Catalogue, Extensive Calendar Samples including Hand Painted Bamboo Panels and much more

An excellent view into promotional printing and publishing for 1927. With all array and manner of design from the elaborate and deeply embossed gaudy wall pockets to the streamline painted bamboo calendar tops. A fine teaching aid.

Cincinnati OH: George H. Jung Co., 1927-1929. A salesman's kit for the George H. Jung Company, Calendars and Advertising Specialties. It consists of approximately 125 items. It includes:
An Advertising Blotters Catalog - 44 pp. with 3-6 specimens per page, information on sizes, pricing and a tipped in envelope inside back cover with examples of the various blotter cards. Measures 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".
1929 Calendar Pads Catalogue -24 pp. Begins with pricing information, styles, thread stitching, weights and new styles for the year on the inside cover. The first page includes examples of attached embossed calendar pad covers. Followed by pages of printed small format calendar pages in various colors and designs. It concludes with actual large format fold-out pages - the largest is 15" x 20". Book measures 10" x 15"
Price List Effective December 15th, 1927, The Jung Co. 47 pp. illustrated wrap. Prices for an exhaustive list of novelty advertising products from the ordinary calendars and fans to mirror cards, 'adkerchiefs', weather barometers, flying birds (paper), feather darts, advertising spoons and much more. Also includes information on hand painted calendar panels. The catalog has been altered by the salesman to include three (3) typed pages of clients in the Watertown NY area. Brads hold the pages in place. Measures 7 1/4" x 4 1/2".

Two (2) samples of kraft paper envelopes

Onward to the actual samples. The reverse of most all of the samples has printed information identifying the sample, the subject matter and any accompanying features etc. Both illustrations and photographic images. Popular themes of the day (and most times) include children, lovely women, nature and humor. The largest calendar back is 3" x 20".

The samples can be loosely categorized as follows:
Completely printed paper calendar pages including borders (18)
Background cards with tipped on or applied illustrations
Two part backings with solid background tipped on frame with applied images including two groups in "Special Priced Leader folders (approximately 70)
Pictorial chromos (5) mostly 16 1/2" x 12".
Bamboo calendar panels with hand painted scenes (10) largest is 64" x 12"
Die-cut deeply embossed card with wall pockets (4)
Card stock signs (3)
Weather Barometer (1)
Hand fans (2)
Show cards (6)
Housed in a 16 1/2" x 24" lacquered card stock two part box with carrying handle at top and straps for securing the closure. Condition is near fine. Almost as new.

Price: $1,100.00

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