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Boxed Set - Little Friends

Germany: Socolu, (S* C) No. 407, c1930s. An 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" litho on pressed board box titled "Little Friends" with acute accents instead of dots on the "i"s. Cover illustration depicts children at play, with one child particularly protective of her doll as others look on. Includes three (3) of four (4) unused 6" paper dolls with costumes and accessories. All are die-cut with original connective ladders in place. The Dolls are A, C, and D. Each costume and accessory is coded on the tab to indicate which accessories go with with costume. One doll lacking. Archival tape to box top apron with 3/4" area of missing apron.

Price: $250.00

Item #28009723