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Take the Children

United States: Dorothy K. Werblow, 1951. Take the Children is an unique, interactive story, that involves the reader in a game. 24 pages. It is representative of Dorothy N. Knights signature style. Spiral bound litho on heavy paper covers. The book begins with six children from different lands boarding the ship. The children are actual die-cut 5 1/4" children dressed in regional attire from England, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and Norway. The objective is to insert the appropriate child in the slot in the map of his or her homeland. The last two pages show the children in their appropriate countries. 7 1/2" x 9 3/4" The book is in good condition. There is some wear around the rings of the binding from use, but is still strong. It has all six of the cut outs and the slots in the maps are in good condition as well.

Price: $75.00

Item #28009675