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Movable Marionette - Little Red Riding Hood

London, Printed in Bavaria: Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd. A 12" x 8" embossed die-cut marionette of articulated paper doll comprised of three parts. The doll is wearing the traditional red riding hood. At first view her arms are tucked behind her cape. When the green string on the reverse is pulled downward it exposes her arms, carrying a basket of bread, butter and tea in one hand and bouquets of flowers in both. Instructions on the reverse advise to keep her arms extended pull down on the cord and fix it into the slit at the foot of the model. A verse on the back by Clifton Bingham reads "Little Red Riding Hood. I'm little sweet Red Riding Hood, Who met the Bad Wolf in the Wood, But he is killed, and if I stay With you, I'll never lose my way"

Price: $200.00

Item #28009215