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Cahier de Couture (Sewing Book) A School Girl Sample book accompanied by watercolor illustrations

Few pages with inking on ssewing sample.

300. 18 leaves, including covers. A watercolor decorated sewing sample book. The book is designed with page cut-out for textile display with the remainder of each pocket fold page sealed. The sample is visible on both sides of the page. Each textile sample is accompanied by a relevant watercolor. Sewing samples include various stitches, blind seams, flat fell seams, sleeve plackets, various laces, mesh fabrics, cross stitch of a young girl with a watering can, cuff gathers, button holes, pleats, embroidery,an alphabet sampler, an embroidered illustration of a coach with coachman, a princess collar and puff sleeves. Illustrations include early aviation, horseless carriage, a bone crusher bicycle, a rocket shipe and an angry moon and early illumination (a campfire, a candle, a fireplace and a lamp). Also includes depictions of Egypt, Greece and Rome, middle age Gothic, the Renaissance, Empire period, stages and coachmen, bonnets and other finery, a flapper girl and concluded iwht a girl from the 1950s. Measures6 1/2" x 10"

Price: $750.00

Item #28006826