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An Essay on the life of Charles Dickens by Nellie M Krehbiel c 1900

Believe author to be Nellie M Krehbiel. 1886–1967 Delevan, Cattaraugus, New York.

An 18 page handwritten report or essay with three (3) images from photographs and one drawing. Paper covers with ribbon binding. Titled Charles Dickens 1812-1870. Nellie M. Krehbiel. Embossed Victorian floral scrap affixed to front cover. Although it is structured as a school project the factual narrative is written subjectively. e.g. "In later life Dickens preserved grateful remembrance of this gentleman, who recognized his pupils abilities and resolved that they should not lie fallow for want of early cultivation". Content includes Parents, Birth, Boyhood, Youth, Marriage, Friends, Manhood, Last years, Dickens' Works, Death and References. A pen and ink drawing captioned Little Charles Dickens at the blackingware house. Meausres 9" x 6'.

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