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Kleine Madchen Puppe - Madmoiselle Pouppe - Frantoccina da ragazze - The Little Girl's Doll

Germany: Unknown, c1850s. A 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" paper covered pressed board box with applied hand colored litho cover depicts a group of little girls in an outdoor setting. Applied gilt border decoration ox top. The content includes two (2) identical 4 1/2" two-sided paper dolls of the same young girl. The set is intended to have to dolls. Also includes 8 two-sided outfits. Each holds an object - including a stick and hoop, a dog to walk, a doll in her image, a vase of flowers, a book, needlepoint, a little lamb and lastly a garland of flowers overhead. The shepherdess costume includes a hat. Other hats lacking. Finely detailed costumes. Hand finished details. Minimal wear.

Price: $725.00

Item #280007234