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Friendship Album of Marie Campbell, Sentiments and Drawings; coded phrases, hidden letters, etc.

The covers are damaged. Both sides show heavily edge wear and the front cover has an 1 1/2" tear down the middle. The back strip is missing. Binding is mostly intact, but the first folio is loose and a few pages have detached.

1907-1912. A friendship album of Marie Campbell consisting of mostly originally poems, a few illustrations, and coded phrases, the majority of which are signed and dated. The album starts in 1907 when Marie departed St. Francis Xavier School and the first half of the album are full of notes from her classmates. The rest of the album's notes occur over the next few years with the last one in 1912.

The majority of the poems deal with the themes friendship, love, and well wishes. Some of the more unique or humorous verses are noted below:

"When you are old and drinking tea, put down your cup and think of me."

"To Dirty Mary,
While you live,
Why live in clovers,
'Cause when you're dead,
You're dead all over."

"May your joys be as great as the ocean,
and your sorrow as light as its foam."

"A little mouse ran up the stairs
To see if Marie said her prayers
And if she did not say them right
The little mouse was sure to bite."

"Lines to Marie.
__ ___ ____ ___ __
___ __ _______ __
From your brother Jack!"

There are two coded phrases in the album. The first uses anamorphic writing, it says "Marie Campbell, Helena Sheehan, 1907". Presumably, the name of the owner of the album (as all of the other notes are address to a Marie) and the name of the person who left the note. The second coded message is in the 'Continental Code' otherwise known as Morse Code. The poems starts:
" A dainty face,
A slender form..."

There are a total of five illustrations, either in pencil or pen. The skill level does vary between them, and most are portraits of women. However one, done in 1912 is of an airplane.

The album has leather covers, with the gilded text 'Autographs'. Measures 5 3/4" x 3 1/2"

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