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Civil War Era Letter from a Sister to her Brother discussing Mourning Dresses for President Lincoln

General toning and minor soiling due to age. Small tears along the crease fold, with one tear causing a small hole in the page.

Waterloo, Iowa: May 2, 1865. Waterloo, Iowa. May 2, 1865. A heartfelt letter from a young woman reflecting the sentiment from the homefront at the end of the war; surviving emotionally on roamers and hearsay. It expresses the understanding of the need for the war but the ambivalence associated with the victory only following significant loss.

Written just barely a week before the official end of the Civil War, the letter from Louisa Young to her brother George discusses her hope that he and the other soldiers will return home soon now that the war is almost over. It speaks of the probability of the “soldiers coming home”. We don’t expect them even though their term of service has expired and as there is “nobody to fight” anymore it seems reasonable they should be coming home... I believe I am grateful in some degree that this cruel & unnatural conflict is at last over, and that the “chief cause” of the strife is done away but I am not as grateful, as I ought to be. We are constantly hearing talk about the return with uncertainty... The latest reliable report (thought not connected with this subject) is the government offering ladies black dresses with President Lincoln's name embroidered on it for ladies to wear in mourning...But not worth the space it occupies. As I wish to talk about the return. It then goes on to discuss the rumored burial plans for President Lincoln. (He was buried on May 4 in Springfield, Illinois) Louisa also expresses her family's disappointment in her brother's gloomy letter, and what she calls his "stay for some time tone", especially contrasted to the rather hopeful letter sent received by the neighbors from another soldier from Waterloo, George Beedle. In the letter Beedle sent home he expressed his hope that he would return home before the fall. The letter ends with a request for her brother to write as often as possible and that no matter how often she receives letters from him, she will respond to each one. Measures 9 3/4" x 7 3/4"

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