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Social Archive of New York Society Dining Events & Menus, 1899-1930.

Robert Alexander Conrad (R. A. C.)Smith (February 22, 1857 - July 27, 1933) was the Commissioner of Docks in New York City and a member of the Port and Terminal Committee of the Board of Estimate.[2][3][4] He was also an entrepreneur in Cuba, where he developed and operated railroads and utilities. Smith was a British-born entrepreneur and financier who became a prominent businessman in Cuba as president of the American Indies Company and then in New York. A prominent Republican. He was prominently identified with the Brooklyn Young Republican Club of Brooklyn, before he removed to New York. He then became a member of the Union League, Republican, Colonial, Lawyers’, Manhattan, New York Yacht, Atlantic Yacht, and Larchmont Yacht clubs.

A collection of menus and related materials for 55 dining events including associated relevant collateral materials totaling approximately 100 pieces.

Who’s who of New York’s business elite from the turn of the century thought the onset of the Depression. Events held at the most prestigious organizations and establishments in New York City. A social history presented via menus, dining programs, seating arrangements, typescript of speeches and more. Includes menus created by Tiffany & Co., other fine engravings, embossings, a pictorial map and various design elements.
Presumably from the personal collection of R. A. C. Smith, the recurring invitee on the invitation cards and a listed subscribing and /or committee member of many of the various host clubs. Some with hole punches. Overall condition very good or better.
Some organizations of note:

• Mechanic’s and Traders’ Bank
• National Republican Club
• Ye Old Settlers Assn
• The Pilgrims of the United States – Objective – Anglo-American good-fellowship, and the promotion of friendship between the United States and Great Britain and colonies.
• Ohio Society of New York
• 5th Avenue Association
• Pennsylvania Society
• Manhattan Club
• Pan-American Society
• Friendly Society of St. Patrick

Some Individuals of note:
• Geo. Wilson & R.A.C. Smith -- Lawyers Club
• George McAneny honored by New York City at Waldorf
• George McAneny at Waldorf
• Julius Howland Barnes – Hotel Commodore
• Reunion Dinner – Law Dept. NYC – Delmonicos
• Hon. H. Warren Hubbard – Waldorf
• New York Citizens Peace Banquet – Waldorf
• Alfred E. Smith – Montauk Club (Brooklyn)
• Will H. Hays – Union League Club
• Banquet to William Pierce Frye- Waldorf (Tiffany)
• John Harriss – Columbia Yacht Club
• NY Lumber Trade Assn – Waldorf
• Morgan J. O’Brien
• Holland Society of New York – Waldorf
• Daniel M. Brady – Hotel Commodore
• Francis M. Hugo – Commodore
• Julius H. Barnes – Hotel Commodore
• Blind Brook Club.

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