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Album of Friendship, Friendship Album of Jennie, New Jersey.

Rahway, NJ: 1874. A friendship album, aptly titled "Album of Friendship", belonging to a woman by the name of Jennie. Her last name is never mentioned. The album is mostly blank, but the entries date from 1874, and when a location is noted, it is Rahway, NJ. One of the entries of note is a poem about "six sisters fair". The title of the poem are the six names: Dora, Jennie, Lillie, Eva, Pauline, and Gertie. The six names surround another word, "Freddie", and within the poem is the line "I have seen six sisters fair, Oh, that I were but a Freddie, In such sisterly love to share." Based on this line, it is possible that Jennie's last name is Frederick, but that is a hypothesis. Another unique entry is a short rebus, which is not deciphered. Please see the photographs. Below are a few excerpts from the entries:

"Jennie, on they album's page
Yet hath fallen no darkning [sic] stain
Type of thine own guileless age,
May that guileless age remain!"
- Juus Amicus [Jus Amicus is latin for 'The Right Friend'], January, 1st, 1874. The poem is originally by Re. J. H. Clinch, and is from a 1842 Ladies Companion

"This is the second rhyme today,
Both very poor in there way:
The sooner I stop, the better it will be
For your autographical company"
- S. R. Ryno, Rahway, NJ, July 22, 1874

Blue gilt blind stamped cover. Frontispiece, 3 plates. Gilt edge pages. Measures 8 1/4" x 7"

To view this item, please click on the following link: wear on cover, some foxing throughout.

Price: $130.00

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