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A collection of over 600 business and calling cards from Japanese Educators involved in post WWII educational reform collected by an American woman

This collection provides a unique opportunity for researching the educators involved in reforming the Japanese Ministry of Education post WWII. Although we have not located the first name of Ms. Ambrose it may be found on one of the cards. The materials were found with an unrelated collection of an American in Japan educator in the 1920s-30s (previously sold).

1940s-1951. A collection of cards gathered by an American education official and consultant to the Ministry of Education who worked with Japanese counterparts during the American occupation of Japan. All have been translated presumably by the original owner and written on the card, including title and responsibility. Many are personally addressed to Miss Ambrose, some suggesting they were farewells. They are arranged in their original wrappers by location. Locations include Wakayam, Osaka, Hakodate, Kagoshima, Kochi, Kumamoto, Hokkaido, Okayama, Shizuoka, Tokushima, Saga and many other. Housed in the original cloth covered box, presumably period Japan.

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