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Delicate and Fine Floral Wreath Cut Paper Collage – Cut by Miss Stevenson from Colored Paper in the style of Mary Delany c1850

Mary Delany (nee Granville) (14 May 1700-15 April 1788) was an English Bluestocking, artist, and letter-writer; equally famous for her "paper-mosaicks" and her lively correspondence.

An array of intricately cut and decorated tiny colored paper leaves, petals, stems and bows arranged as a floral wreath. Most have been individually embossed, note the detail on the tiger lilies at top right and the applied stamen on many on flowers less than 3/8” in their entirety. Also note the daisy at top constructed of individual rice paper leaves with a painstakingly crushed paper stamen. The collage measures 5 ½” in diameter. Captioned “Cuts by Miss Stevenson from Coloured Paper. Age toning on backing paper.

Price: $1,200.00

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