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A collection of over 50 paper Fabric Labels or "tickets" demonstrating print, design and culture 1850s-1890s

[1850-1900]. The collection spanning half a century presents a sampling of over 50 paper fabric labels or "tickets" used to differentiate and promote various type of fabric. From the early days forward they include:

embossed die-cut silvered 3 1/4" x 4" labels with elaborate border decoration and mostly animals or women as the central image. No indication of product or manufacturer.

Solid coated stock with embossed decorative borders surrounding a central image. Some include areas to write numbers and quantities. Usually rectangle, but some die-cut shapes with elaborate design

Polished stock with border decoration and product name at center. Still relatively small format. Vivid color.

Black and white engraving with relevant product imagery and name. Often imagery of exterior of mills.

Large format with elaborate border decoration, large central image of interest often unrelated to the product and product name.

Artistic printing employing numerous type faces and design elements, product name and unrelated appealing imagery.

Simple border with very large central image often drawn from popular culture, history or patriotism amidst relative items relative to the central image, but unrelated to the named product. 8" x 9 1/2" or larger. This category includes an even larger label that includes a map of the United States and a backdrop of flags. Condition varies. A working collection.

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