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A Collection of 30 Issues of Le Sourire, A Paris Journal

Paris, France: 1900-1913. A collection of thirty (30) issues of "Le Sourire", a French illustrated humorist serial publication under the direction of Maurice Mery and Alphonse Allais. It was a weekly publication, normally issued on Saturdays. Le Sourire, meaning the Smile, was launched in 1889 and ran continuously till 1939, with the exception a few brief years where publication ceased due to World War I. The serial was intended to compete with a similar journal known as Le Rire (The Laugh). Each issue features a color illustration on the front and back cover, while several black and white illustrations, ranging in size from small vignettes to full page works. Additionally there are short stories, articles, and advertisements (all in French). The magazines provided a great resource for both artistic and political Parisian culture at the time. The bulk of collection (22 issues) are from 1900-1901, however there are issues as late as 1913. The numbering of each issue was originally numbered consecutively, even as years past. At some point, they switched over to restarting the numbering at the beginning of each year, while including the year in publication. The issues within the collection are as follows:
1900 (12 issues): 38,39,41,44,45,46,50,51,52,53,57,59
1901 (11 issues): 63,66,73,74,75,81,88,91,96,97,98
1902 (2 issues): 116,147
1904 (1 issue): 224
1905 (1 issue): 304
1911 (1 issue): 13 Annee # 27
1913 (1 issue): 15 Annee # 27
Special Edition, No Date: A Travelers Les Ages

Measure 12 1/2" x 9 1/2".
To view the collection,click: The journal's pages are fragile and brittle, as well as toned and soiled due to age. The edges of the pages are sometimes torn. Two editions have tears on the cover. The journals have staple binding, the majority of which is damaged, and therefore pages are loose or detached on most of the editions. With the exception of one edition (#304), all them appear to be complete. #304, id missing at least the back cover, but as the pages are unnumbered, it might be missing more.

Price: $250.00

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