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Booklet Advertising Performances by Child Prodigy Fannie Naegeli -Pianist, Organist, Autoharp, Vocalist & Elocutionist.

At the time of these performances, Fannie was twelve years old. She was a descendant of Georg Naegeli, a Swiss composer of popular songs.

New York, New York: Fannie Naegeli, 1890. Booklet advertising performances of American child prodigy Fannie Naegeli: "Little Fannie Naegeli, The Wonderful Child Pianist, Organist, Vocalist and Elocutionist, will play, sing and recite for entertainments, &c., and give instruction in music" (p. [3]). Performing in a variety of venues, Naegeli performed using instruments such as the autoharp, and even entertained audiences with her magic lantern (i.e. slideshows). Following the advertisement on pg. [3] are six pages of testimonials and positive reviews, which paint her as a precocious and comical child: "Little Fannie Naegeli? O yes, I know all about her. She assisted me on several occasions at entertainments, and she tried hard as she could to kill my audiences. She tried to laugh them to death" (p. 5). The illustrated wrappers includes a calendar for the year 1890. 8vo (9" by 5.75"), pp. [8], illustrated wrappers inclusive. Fine; some light toning.

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