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Broadside "Devilish" Bennett Springer Conjuror Performance

Cardistry is a portmanteau of "card" and "artistry." The term itself was published as early as December 19, 1899, on page 3 of The Portsmouth Herald, which reported a performance of Boston "magician and cardist" Bennett Springer. The short article spoke of Springer's "tricks in cardistry, sleights and flourishes with cards" and described them as "his manipulation of the wonderful" that "won him rounds of applause." Cardistry involves the use of hands to create cuts, displays, fans, patterns and sequences through the use of playing cards. Various armspreads, cuts, shuffles and springs can be used.
Tanz, Jason (20 April 2015). "Inside the Elegant, Mesmerizing Subculture of Card Juggling". Wired. Retrieved 14 January 2016.

Boston: [1910s]. A 19.5" by 8.25" broadside depicting a red winged devil and promoting Bennett Springer, Conjuror in an incomparable Entertainment of Magic, Sleight of Hand and Cartistry. Located at Sparhawk Hall (Oqunquit ME) on July 21. Printed in red and green in various type faces.

Note the misspellings of conjuror and cartistry. Scrapbook residue on reverse - horizontal tape repair on reverse between Cartistry and Sparhawk Hall. Corner chip upper left.

Price: $325.00

Item #22000587