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Wood & Litho Jigsaw Puzzle "The Life of a Farmer

N. Carpenter, c1850s. An 8 1/2" x 12" litho on wood jigsaw puzzle titled "The Life of a Farmer. The puzzle is comprised of 18 captioned vignettes. They are The Farmer and His Family, The Farm House Ricks & Stables, Milking, Churning, Making Cheese, Sheep Feeding, Ploughing, Sowing, Harrowing, Weeding, Mowing, Haymaking, Reaping, Dining, Carrying, Harvest Home, Threshing, and Market. The reverse is paper covered in green. Also includes a hand finished guide sheet. The border is interlocking pieces, while the interior is random cut pieces. Housed in a 7" x 5 1/2" wooden slide lid box with applied varnished litho. very good (2 puzzle pieces with 3 knobs with glue repairs). Letter folds on guide sheet.

Price: $650.00

Item #21007527