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Advertising Fortune Fish

Rochester, New York: J.G. Davis Co., c.1904. A nicely preserved example of a fortune fish, this one being used to advertise a granite flour company. Fortune fish, usually made from red cellophane, purport to tell your fortune by reacting to the body heat in your hand (e.g. curling up means you will find true love, etc.). They have been a favorite of both children and adults since the cellophane material was first produced in the 19th century. This example is printed in gold and reads, "If this fish shows life when held on the palm of your hand you need J.G. Davis Co.'s Granite Flour". Measures approx. 4" by 1.25". The cellophane tears and chips easily, so it is unusual to see one intact like this. Near-fine.

Price: $100.00

Item #21004821