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Home Defense Health Course and Chart, Presented by the Makes of Lysol

Lehn & Fink, Inc was founded on May 1, 1874 by Louis Lehn and Frederick W. Fink, though it wasn't incorporated until 1916. The company produced disinfectants and is perhaps most well-known for being the maker of Lysol. In 1966 the company was bought by Sterling Drug, Inc., which in turn was purchased by several different companies over the years. Currently the owners and producers of Lysol are Reckitt Benckiser.

Bloomfield, NJ: Lehn & Fink Products Corp. 1941. The Home Defense Course was broken up into three lessons: 1. How to Wage War on Germs, 2. Nursing and Sick Room Care, 3. First Aid. The whole booklet has a patriotic theme, evidence by not only the covers, which have be done in red, white and blue, but also the text itself. "In these times of world upset, it is important to remember that a nation's greatest asset is a healthy population. To keep well is every citizen's patriotic duty. To strive to keep her family well is every housewife's contribution to national defense. Germs never declare war... The modern homemaker will plan her defense campaign against these subtle enemies by using intelligence, vigilance and all the proven methods for germ control." While this booklet was most likely published prior to the United States entering WWII in December 1941, at the time America was embroiled in the discussions of whether or not to enter the war and help out its Allies. As such this booklet could be seen as pro-war propaganda, especially as England is often referenced. For example there is a printed photograph of an ambulance with the caption "Ambulance presented by Lehn & Fink Products Corporation in London through the American Volunteer Ambulance Service Corps." Throughout the booklet are accompanying black and white printed photographs. Additionally, provided with the booklet is a chart, which features eighteen (18) specific injuries or situations that were "compiled from latest lessons learned in London". Each one provides a printed photograph and information on how to treat it. Some of the situations depicted are: minor burns, suffocation, heat stroke, concussions, tourniquets, gas masks, and moving an injured person. Lysol products are promoted throughout the booklet and chart. 34 pgs. Illustrated wrappers. Staple binding. 6 part folded chart, double sided. OCLC 4 (March 2021). Measures 7" x 5" (booklet), 7" x 5" (chart, folded), 20 1/2" x 9 3/4" (chart, unfolded). Tape repair to top edge of binding on booklet.

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