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Promotional Materials - Who are the Cultured or Where do you fit on the Proper Etiquette Scale

New York: Social Mentor Publications, 1920s. A 16 pp. promotional booklet title Who are the Cultured? It identifies Five Distinct Classes and where you fit in, How Much Do You Know About Good Manners (self-test), Unpardonable Table Habits, Find Seven Social Blunders committed in a picture, plus a second what's wrong with this picture, How would you introduce the President of Your Firm to an Old College Chum and much more. Accompanied by a 4 pp. introductory offer promoting Plain Talks on Avoided Subjects, How to Prepare and Serve a Meal, Physical Beauty (exact size and dimensions of a perfect woman) and Color and Design in Dress. Staples lacking in booklet. Rust stains at staple. Complete.

Price: $150.00

Item #21000741