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The Columbia Title Insurance C. and The Real Estate Title Insurance Co. of Washington DC

Land Development Plat and Promotion for Villa Park Heights including McKinley Square; Washington DC

E. R. Marden was married to Clara Marden. His business partner was Earl P. Hopkins. The two men were also partners in the Washington Civil Services School.

Washington DC: E. R. Marden, 1911. A 23 1/2" x 22" color land development plat for Villa Park Heights Washington DC. This was a proposed development between Eastern Avenue on the north and Bunker Road on the south, It also included McKinley Circle.

The narrative describes how it is some of the only vacant land available in the District of Columbia and would provide for property improvement and beautification paid for by the US Government and no assessments for street paving. It elaborates on beautiful squares and circles and the convenience of the location. Plat printed in yellow and green. The reverse is an inventory of the properties including the lot number, square footage, price per square foot and total cost of the land. Terms: 10% discount for cash, $10 down and $10 per month. No interest or taxes until one-third of the purchase price has been paid. Letter folds. Unfortunately the development, including the proposed McKinley Circle did not happen, due to the untimely death of one of the developers leading to a lawsuit between the wife of the deceased and his business partner. It is currently the Woodbridge area and McKinley Circle is the 21 acre Barnard Hill Park.

Price: $325.00

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