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Circular No. 4. Issued by the State Board of Health of Vermont. Prevention and Restriction of Diphtheria

[1910s]. A 4pp circular on diphtheria pre-vaccination. It provides a general explanation of the communication of the disease and how to prevent and control spread of the disease. The second paragraph reads "S generally is diphtheria regarded as due to unsanitary conditions, that by common consent it is classed among the "filth diseases;" and when we find it arising, apparently, independently of sources of infection, spontaneously, as it would seem, we may be pretty sure that something is wrong in the health conditions of the home where it is found." Further it suggests that it may be transmitted through filthy soil, wet and foul cellars, defective water closets and numerous other unclean situations. The article stresses that it is preventable and that when diphtheria gets away from the primary cases and makes its escape upon the community, somebody is to blame and that cleanliness, absolute cleanliness is its greatest foe.

It proceeds to discuss restrictions when someone in the home is diagnosed and outlines seven (7) disinfection methods and how and when to apply them. 10 1/2" x 8"

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