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A Miracle A Day : A Course of Instruction in 5 Volumes Consisting of 41 Lessons on the Science of Telepathy, De Luxe Edition, Volume IV & V

Los Angeles, CA: The Paty Co., 1930-1932. 'A Miracle A Day', in its entirety was a five volume set that would teach the user telepathy. This lot only includes Volumes 4 and 5, which depict Lessons 26 - 41 of the course. Some of the lessons included are: 'Direct Telepathy in Business', 'Advancement Through Telepathy', 'Hypnotism and Telepathy', 'Mystic Secrets of Love Sorcerers', 'Telepathy and Black Magic', and 'Telepathy and Forecasting Events'. Also included with these two volumes is "The Secret of the Night, A Supplement to 'A Miracle A Day' ". This supplemental booklet provides direct instruction, with specific phrases, on how to hypnotize people. Most of the instructions are on how to correct 'bad' behavior in a child or lover, though more often, the suggested language for the hypnosis seems to be more about controlling another person. Such as "You agree with me in every way... In the future, your opinion will never conflict with mine.... You are true to me and always will be ... You will do nothing which might cause me to lose my respect for you." Brown printed wrappers. Vol. 4: pages 147-192, Vol. 5: 195-239. Supplement, 8 pgs. OCLC 1 (Jan. 2020). Measures 6" x 4 1/2" General wear, and foxing. Rusted staples. One detached page in each volume. Stains due to water damage along with some mold on Vol. 5. The supplement booklet originally was stapled into the back cover of Vol. 5, as such there is a small section still attached to the back cover, and therefore missing from the booklet.

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