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A collection of 37 photographs taken on Coronado Island - Hunting and Birding Excursion

There are no identifying marks on the photographs, however they were found in a plain brown wrapper with a note "Pictures given to Mother by Andrew Thill in early 1900s. Pictures of Coronado Islands off San Diego.

[1915]. A series of 37 photographs, hand numbered on the reverse, chronicling a visit to Coronado Island off San Diego. The first image is approaching the uninhabited island followed by an image of their boat and then two young men approaching the rocks with a row boat and portaging the boat to land. Various pictures of the men atop rocks and other perches. A few images of water crashing on the rocks followed by a distance and close-up images of a large flock of cormorants on a rock and an individual on a nest and the nest with eggs and another with baby chicks at different ages. This is followed by another series of baby bird images. There is an image of a rock shaped as an alligator. The collection concludes with seals and unfortunately a seal hunt and their catch. Each measures 5" x 7". Numbered either lower left or right.

Price: $450.00

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