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A Collection of Three Farming Ledgers belong to Lewis Wetherbee of Ashby, MA

Lewis Wetherbee was born on December 27, 1819, along with his twin sister Charlotte Wetherbee Cragin (1819-1884) to Silas Wetherbee (1786-1863) and Mary Lucy Green (1793-1853 in Ashby, MA. Lewis was a farmer in Ashby, MA, his whole live. He died on January 16, 1890, at the age of seventy due to consumption.

Ashby, MA: 1846-1873. A collection of three farming ledgers belonging to Lewis Wetherbee, a farmer in Ashby, MA. The first is an 'Egg Ledger' and dates from 1846-1873. It begins with a list of items bought by Wetherbee for his family and farm. The list only continues until early 1847 and consists of such items as sugar, tea, pepper, oil, nutmeg, cream tartar and candy. The remainder, from 1849 thru May 1873, is a ledger of the eggs sold including the date of the transaction, number sold, to who and price sold. 20 pages (including the four sewn in). Printed wrappers. String binding. Completely filled in. Measures 6" x 3 3/4". The second ledger is a farming ledger, 1851 to 1873 with an accounting of a variety of agricultural subjects. The first second is a record of when crops, such as corn, oats, turnips, and potatoes, were planted and harvested, the number of bushels planted or the acres planted. Also includes (1863-1871) presumably work horses purchased. This is followed by 'Stock' and includes all information on animals purchased, sold, birthed or died (1851-1873). Includes cattle, sheep, and pigs, most of whom Wetherbee names - Red, Rosa, Fanny, Eliza, and Nancy to name a few. Signs of Spring - The next section is a list of dates between 1851 and 1873 when Wetherbee either first saw a robin or when the apple trees were fully in bloom. On the back cover is a list of important weather events between 1852 and 1868, such as first frost or a large snow storm. 16 pages. Printed wrappers. String binding. Nearly completely filled in. Measures 6" x 3 3/4". The last ledger is entitled 'Things Sold' and dates from 1858 to 1873. This ledger includes a list of all items sold by Wetherbee from his farm, whether they be plant or animal products. The ledger includes the date of transaction, item and amount sold, buyer and sale price. Including bushels of potatoes, ham, pork, cheese, butter, oats, lamb, vinegar, sausages, beans, cider, apples, and whole animals such a chickens and calves. Additionally, egg sold are also included on this ledger, even though Wetherbee also kept a separate ledger to record the eggs he sold. 28 pages. Blue wrappers. String binding. Nearly completely filled. Measures 7" x 4 1/2".

All of the ledgers contain some amount of scrap paper, which either has quick calculations on it, or appears to have been used to blot the drying ink. The farming ledger does have a scrap of paper with the following short note: "Sowed guano on wheat, 7 lbs. from red side to Foster west, one row of oats, one squire west from Ginnaton. Planted some potatoes. July 21, 1857". Two of the ledgers (Egg Ledger and Farming Ledger) are memorandum books sold by Stephen Shepley of Fitchburg, MA, who along with blank books sold a variety of "school, miscellaneous and law books, bibles, testaments, toy books, stationery, &c."

To view images, click: General wear, toning, and soiling. Binding are loose.

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