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Artistic Penmanship - Master Richard Clarke - Burnham School -Poetry with Illuminated Letters

Northampton, MA: 1865. 4 leaves. Elaborately decorated cover with gilt enhanced illustrated of boy conquering a mountain. He carries a flag reading "Excelsior". He has penned "Mastr Richard Clarke Burnham School. June 1845" in the cartouche. A large format album with decorative border designs printed in different colors with different flowers and flourishes. Master Clarke has copied four (4) verses each with some illuminated and otherwise accentuated letters. The verses are
School Recollection - Cowper
The Moss Rose - Krummacher
The Reaper and the Flowers - Longfellow
What of the Night - Anon
Each of the titled with a different flare - of particular note is The Moss Rose created of miniature penned moss and roses. Numerous fine accents from the weeping willow "MY"" to the grape arbor "They". Special attributes have been used in lettering the poets names. Measures 17" x 13" Silk ribbon binding has deteriorated to some degree. Covers detached from block.

Price: $700.00

Item #20107525