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The Milk-White Dove, or Little David's Temptation, Translated from the German

? Samuel P. Brown, 1860s. A short little story, that through verse tells of the temptation of a young poor boy, named Jacob. It should be noted that both the cover and title page state "Little David's Temptation", however the title at the start of the poem says "Little Jacob's Temptation", and in addition, he is referred to as Jacob in the poem. In the rhyming poem, Jacob is a poor boy raising pigeons to sell, and is greatly tempted to take a rich man's white dove as his own. The front cover features a hand colored illustration of two birds, meant to represent the pigeon and dove in the poem. This same image is repeated, though this time with no coloring on the frontispiece. Additionally there is a small black and white floral illustration on the title page, and another decorative filigree at the end of the book. The back cover features another hand colored illustration of a nature scene with a house and person in the distance. 15 pgs, illustrated wrappers. String binding. OCLC 0 (Jan. 2020). Measures 4 1/2" x 2 3/4".

Below is an excerpt from the start of the poem:

"Will you have a story darling?

I know on very old,

For when I was a little child

I used to her it told.

It is about a little boy,

And the pigeons which he sold.

His mother, - she was very poor,

And kept a rich man's gate; Until the carriages passed through,

There Jacob had to wait." Covers are detached. Front cover has small tear in the center. Water stains on some interior pages.

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