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Camera & Dark-Room Vols. V-IX (60 issues)

Note the charming illustration on the earlier wrappers of a lovely young woman using her personal camera to capture a landscape. Look-- even a woman can do it! That's how accessible this technology is nowadays.

New York, New York: Camera & Dark Room Co., American Photographic Publishing Co., 1902-1906. A partial run of "The Camera and Dark-Room", a photography magazine published monthly by the Camera & Dark Room Co. and later the American Photographic Publishing Co. for amateur photographers and technology enthusiasts. This run includes all issues published between January 1902 and December 1906 (Vols. V-IX, each with 12 numbers). All are in their original wrappers with the exception of Vol. VII (1904), which is represented here in the bound edition sans wrappers. There are 60 issues in total. Each issue measures approx. 9.75" by 6.75", and is approx. 30 pp. The serial covers a wide range of topics of interest to photographers including: portrait and landscape photography; platinum printing; mounting; needle-hole photography; how to work successfully in hot weather; lantern slide work; judging exposure; homemade flash equipment and printing paper; and working with photography chemicals. Provides valuable insight into what was then a new and budding community of amateur photography enthusiasts, eager to learn more about a technology that was finally becoming more accessible to the public. Good to very good. Some dust soiling, chipping/minor short tears. Wrappers loose on several.

Price: $1,800.00

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