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Intricate Paper Cutwork, either by or in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold c1800, Ipswich England.

Elizabeth Cobbold(1767-1824) She gave elaborate valentine parties and created a cut-works, some with verses, with a copy to keep for herself.

A descendent of Edmund Waller, Elizabeth Knipe lived in Manchester and published two books of poems before her brief marriage to William Clarke of Ipswich (1790). She was a friend of Clara Reeve, author of The Progress of Romance, under whose influence she wrote a novel set in Norman England. In 1792 she married a wealthy brewer, John Cobbold; in addition to his fourteen children by a previous marriage, they had seven more together. In Ipswich she was a leader in literary and charitable organizations. Her son, the Rev. Richard Cobbold (1797-1877), was also a poet.

A 10" x 7 1/2" sheet with a cutwork depicting a woman riding a horse, all cut from a single sheet of paper. Note how the horses' front left hoof attaching the ground to the horse and rider.

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