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Stutz Family, Elizabeth A. Stutz Poetry and Recipe Album of the Stutz Family. .Middletown, Ohio.c1830-1915
Stutz Family, Elizabeth A. Stutz Poetry and Recipe Album of the Stutz Family. .Middletown, Ohio.c1830-1915

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A family scrap album of magazine and newspaper clippings of poetry and recipes. The majority of the clippings are poetry. Each page of the scrap album has three narrow columns of clippings pasted on. The clippings date from the 1830s all the way until around 1915. A Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stutz is the only name written in the album, however as some of the clippings predate her birth, this book mostly like belonged to another family member, perhaps her mother first. In fact there is a loose draft of a letter written by an unnamed woman to her brother making reference to 'Lizzie's father'. While the majority of the album are clippings form various magazines or newspapers, Interspersed throughout are several handwritten poems, at least one of which is original poetry by Lizzie Stutz. The majority of the recipes within this album are loose pages that have been placed inside the album for safe keeping. There are a few loose short stories as well. In addition to these loose pieces of ephemera, there are several items of a more personal nature. There is a report card for Lizzie Stutz from 1875. Based on the image of the school printed on the report card, she attended Union School (sometimes referred to as South School) on Yankee Road & 4th Ave, in Middletown, OH. In addition to the school report card, there is a gathering of line paper, presumably what was once a part of a separate journal The front page of this gathering has a stylized bird drawn in ink with the words "Lizzie Stutz, Room 12, Class 9" written in-between the feathers. The first half of this gathering comprises of practice lettering, sometimes a single letter written over and over again, and sometimes a word or phrase whose spelling allows for practice of a unique combination of letters. The latter have of this gathering must have been completed at a different time (indeed on of the entries has the date 1879), as the subject matter is a bit more advance. There are math notes and completed algebra problems, as outline lines for several different essays, such as one on coal and Henry Clay. Another personal item in the album is a photograph, presumably of Lizzie Stutz. It is a sepia side view portrait pasted within its own decorative storage folder. Below are a few excerpts from the poems found within the album: "... Choose times with a lullaby flowers, And sing through the watches you keep- Be soft with your coming and going- Be soft she is falling asleep. And what would my life be without her Pray God that I never may know Dear friend as you get her about her Be low oh be low with your weeping- be low Be low oh be low with your weeping Your sobs be sorrow to her I tremble lest while she is sleeping..."  - Excerpt from original poem by Elizabeth A Stutz "This is the eldest of the seasons; he moves not like spring with gradual steps, nor grows From bud to beauty, but with all his snows, Comes down at once in hoar antiquity. Now comes the season when the humble want, And know the misery of their wretched scant; Go ye, and seek their homes who have the power, And ease the sorrows of their trying hour."  - Winter "Let's take this world as some wide scene, through which in rail but buoyant boat, With skies now rude and now serene, Together thou and I must float; Beholding oft on either shore, Bright spots where we should like to stay, But Time plies swift his flying oar, And on we speed- away, away."  - Excerpt from 'The Boat of Life' by Thomas Moore Marble covers, Measures 11" x 7 3/4". Elizabeth A. Stutz was born in 1863 to George Stutz (1832-1899)  and Matilda Klepinger Stutz  (1834-1913)  in Ohio. She had two sisters Dora Belle Stutz Redder (1861-1927) and Harriet (Hattie) A. Stutz Flory (1868-1952). She married John H Plettner (1866-1924) on October 21 1888. She died in 1918.