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Louis Gansler Manuscript Wedding Album Presented to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wagner as a Souvenir of their Wedding. .Mill Hill, Barnet, England.1897
Louis Gansler Manuscript Wedding Album Presented to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wagner as a Souvenir of their Wedding. .Mill Hill, Barnet, England.1897

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A 27 page half-bound album with gilt stamp front cover reading Souvenir July 6, 1897 with the bride and grooms initials and a pair of love birds.  A manuscript remembrance of the wedding embellished with hand drawn watercolor imagery.  The dedication page dated Easter 1898 reads "To my dear Cousins as a token of Love and Esteem - Louis Gansler, Followed by a Preface and Presentation Page including particulars about the wedding. It was the marriage of Lizzie Meadows and Fred Wagner. This is followed by An extensive seven page narrative on the actual wedding and after parties that included a breakfast and evening trip to a local restaurant.  This event was not attended by the newlyweds who were off to Switzerland via London. List of Guests - annotated for bridesmaids and groomsmen List of Presents x 2 Invitation to an Evening Concern at the great Dining Hall of "Ye Calfe's Head," Worsten followed by additional rules and activities for the event.  Whimsical; tongue-in-cheek. "Epithalamion" an adaptation of Edmund Spenser's poetry. The Biter Bit - the tale of a prank at the event Telegrams from those unable to attend and the bride and groom announcing they were already in London at the time of the event A printed wedding invitation and keepsake A photograph of the newlyweds with fine watercolor border embellishments and scripture. A group photograph of the wedding guest Photos of some of the presents and the church. The watercolor drawings and page borders are well executed, thematic and charming.  Great care was taken the selection and development of content and the execution. Measures 10 1/2" x 14 1/2". . The Preface states: The Object of the writer in preparing this book has been to produce a permanent record of an interesting event; and the attempts at embellishment are not meant as a display of any artistic talent, but rather to make the production as attractive as the limited capabilities of the writer would admit, and it is -- hoped that it may prove interesting to many who were present at the wedding.   It is earnestly hope that any personalities the writer has indulge in will cause no offence, and should anyone feel annoyed at anything herein contained they are assured that the offence has been unintentional, and  pardon humbly pleaded for. Thanks are due to those who have kindly supplied the writer with various details, and to Mr. Robt. Alison for the poem "Epithalamion".