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12 Letters to Lizzie Hughes - a traveling seamstress . ..1870s
12 Letters to Lizzie Hughes - a traveling seamstress . ..1870s

Price: $225.00

Product Code: 29001956

Twelve manuscript letters predominantly from clients requesting that Lizzie come and sew for them.  A traveling seamstress in who moves from town to town having clients forward her mail to the next location.  Envelopes in this group of letters addressed to Russian Corners, Russia, Brocketts Bridge, South Trenton and Gosway--all in New York and one from Iron Ridge Wisconsin.  three letters are from a family member with family news plus information warp used for 30 yards of carpet with enough left over to make her rags into a colorful fabric including a red flannel shirt and a brown dress.  It also advised there is lots of sewing work waiting for her when she returns "home".  Two letters and a postal card from Annie  advising a project in her head for a new summer dress, a second urging for Lizzie to come and sew and a third advising she has nothing to wear and the Mrs. Eads would like her to sew as well. A letter from her sister Saillie re vignettes that were delayed but now enroute, they hadn't heard from her since Albany--probably now in Utica p.s. Ma wants you to send your recipe for hard soap.  One letter is to Blessed Lizzie and reads "Does this overskirt look any as though I had any senses when I cut it? The remaining are sewing engagements, a note regarding the sending of a token of remembrance and finally a customer long waiting for her home address to contact her instead of sending letters to her other clients.  Most with covers.. An interesting glimpse into the life of a woman entrepreneur in the 1870s.