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George W. Creelman A Collection of Seven Letters on Keewaydin Camp Letterheads from a Father to his Son, during his Freshman Year at Harvard University.
George W. Creelman A Collection of Seven Letters on Keewaydin Camp Letterheads from a Father to his Son, during his Freshman Year at Harvard University.

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Keewaydin Camps Limited Partnership. Lakeville, CT. 1931-1932

The Keewaydin Camps themselves are among the oldest summer camps in America having been established in 1893 by A. S. Gregg Clarke, whose camp nickname was "The Commodore". As the original site for the camp grew to be crowded and as Clarke felt, too near c

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George W. Creelman (1872-1951) was the Vice President of the Keewaydin Camps, as well as the Master of Mathematics at Hotchkiss School, a private high school in Lakeville, CT. This collection features seven letters written by him, to his son, Brenton "Brent" W. Creelman (1912-1944), during Brent's freshman year at Harvard University. The letters discuss Brent's courses and grades (he had trouble in Economics), job offers (at Sears Rosenbuck (sic) and the Peabody Museum), various sites his father enjoyed during his time at Harvard (such as the Glass Flowers Collection), Brent's finances and allowance ($50 per 10 weeks), and the updates on their friends and family. Two of the later letters are addressed to a nickname for Brenton, Crelque. The letters are dated from October 1931 to February 1932, and are written on stationary that reflects George W. Creelman's careers both at Keewaydin Camps and Hotchkiss School, however the majority of the letterhead focuses on the summer camp. The top features a small green border of a silhouette of a forest and mountain with the logo for the camps - a moose inside an orange and green triangle - in the center. Below that is the camps director name, John H. Rush, and the locations of the various camps that comprised Keewaydin Camps, three for boys and three for girls. Under that is George's name, title, and address, at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT. At the base of the letterhead is three scenes, done again in green ink. The scene on the left features a group of boys camping by a shore with tents and one pushing a canoe out into the lake. The center image shows a man on a horse with a mountain vista behind him. The last image on the right shows a group of boys paddling three canoes on a lake. This includes Creelman's camp on Devil's Island, and it is now known as Keewaydin Temagami. Seven (7) single and double sided letters on Camp Keewaydin stationary. Measures 11" x 8 1/2". To view the collection, please click on the following link:

George Willis Creelman was born on October 1872 in Nova Scotia, Canada to John Dennis Creelman (1844-1898) and Rachel Brenton (1852-1938). He had three siblings Gilmore Brenton Creelman (1877-1967), Arthur Bradford Creelman (1881-1949) and Susan Anna Creelman Place (1885-1981). He married Helen Lousie Douglass (1874-1955) on December 27, 1906, and had three children George D. Creelman (1908-1981), Margaret C. Creelman Nelson (1910-1993), LTJR Brenton "Brent" Welles Creelman. (1912-1944). George attended high school at Cambridge Latin School and received his B. A. from Harvard in 1896 and began teaching math at several private schools, including Hotchkiss School, of which he would eventually become the Master of Mathematics there. He was first on the Board of Directors for Keewaydin Camps, served as Vice President for the camp for several years before purchasing one of the in 1938 and eventually selling it in 1947. His nickname at the camp was Colonel. He died on December 2, 1951 in Florida, while wintering there. He is buried at Hotchkiss Cemetery, in Lakeville, CT.