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J. H. Nason Promotional Materials Relating to Lake Superior System of Missions. Lake Superior System of Missions.Superior, WI
J. H. Nason Promotional Materials Relating to Lake Superior System of Missions. Lake Superior System of Missions.Superior, WI

Price: $175.00

Product Code: 29001458

Four promotional fundraising items providing information on the mission. The first item is a printed on letterhead from Nason, describing his mission and specifically requesting help for the upcoming 1900-1901 winter campaign to the logging camps, as well as some of the services provided there, such as "Free reading room, cheap lunches served, low priced lodgings, gospel meetings, distribution of bibles, papers and tracts".  Done in purple ink. Single sided page. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Also includes a folded pamphlet  "Glances -- Retrospective and Prospective, Lumbermen's Mission, West Superior Department, The Eight Year, 1899-1900". A yearly summary with accomplishments and future goals. Of note in the summary is that the missionary is now focusing on women and children in the area, stating that "our work at first was chiefly among men. Now women and children, less in number in this new country than men, but more awfully wronged, are receiving our earnest attention." The mission also had to suspend work in Ashland, WI, calling it a "heavy drain upon our resources", but promises to refocus that money elsewhere. The pamphlet ends with a short note about Nason's daughter, Cora A. Nason, who returned briefly home to rest after working as a missionary in Armenia and Greece. 8 pg. folded pamphlet (one page is blank). Measures 6"x 3" (folded), 12" x 6" (unfolded). Next is  a folded pamphlet entitled "Excerpts From The Letters of Our Workers in Logging Camps and Frontier Settlements, No. 2". As stated in the title this pamphlet is letter from Rev. J. E. Chase, an itinerant Pastor for the mission, who works in Washburn County, WI. The letter describes the level of difficultly traveling the area, the small towns he travels to, and the people he meets along the way. Chase describes the people he comes across mostly as poor folk, who without a pastor there to guide them have fallen into despair, and in some cases, sin. The pamphlet ends with a short note from Rev. Nason with an appeal for money, so that the mission might be able to send itinerant pastors out to the area on a regular basis. 10 pg. folded pamphlet. Measures 6" x 3" (folded), 15" x 6" (unfolded). The final  item is double sided newsletter from the King's Daughters and Sons' Mission located in West Superior, WI, which was a part of the Lake Superior System of Missions, but one that focused exclusively on the children in the area. The letter is also addressed to children, specifically other children in Sunday School, and tells them a little about the men who work in the Lake Superior area as lumber jacks, boatmen, miners, and common laborers. These descriptions paint a rather rosy picture both about the work and the men, which is odd as the letter then takes a rather sharp turn and states that the children of these laborers mostly "come from destitute families. The fathers are drunkards and the mothers, sad neglected women. We want to throw all the good influences we can around theses children and therefore, we teach them about God..." The letter ends with a short description of the services provided in order to save these children and an appeal for money from other Sunday school children. Double sided, single page. Measures 9 1/2" x 5 1/4". The last item is the envelope these items were originally sent in. The envelope is addressed to Edwin C. Chandler of Etna, NH.  Measures 6 1/2" x 3 1/2".. Lake Superior System of Missions was founded in 1892 by Rev. John H. Nason (1841-1908), a Congregationalist minister,  in order to serve the lumber men and frontier families living and working in the area around Lake Superior. After his death in 1908, the work was carried on by his successor Rev. Harry F. Milford.